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Using coupon codes

On this page we we explain step by step where, during the purchasing process, to use Nutrizzia promo codes to get a discount.

Getting a coupon

There are many occasions during the year when we are offering (e.g. Christmass, Black Friday...) a promotional discounts with promotional codes.

But all year round we are offering a 10% discount for suscribing to our mailing list (SUBS10) and we will use this as a sample.

Using Nutrizzia codes 01

Where to enter a code?

Once you finished your shopping, go to cart and below the list of items you have chosen, you will find link "Enter a promo code".

Click on it!

Using Nutrizzia codes 02

Entering the code

Once clicked on "Enter a promo code" (see above), a small input box will open.

Enter a promo code you have (in this case is code SUBS10 for 10% discount, you are getting if subscribing to our newsletter)

Then click "Apply"!

Using Nutrizzia codes 03

Validating code

If the code is not expired yet or you havent use it yet (some codes are ment to be used only once, as SUBS10 is in this case), a green check sign will appear near the code.

As well, on the right on "Order summary", you will see a code name, with value of the discount and already discounted value near the "Total".

Next is just to select "Checkout" or "PayPal Checkout" as final step to place an order and payment.

Using Nutrizzia codes 04

Yes, it's that simple!

But there are some rules:

- Some coupon codes have expiration date and this is anounced where are published.

- Some coupon codes are meant to be used once per user and some can be used multiple times by the same user during validity time.

- Only one coupon code can be used per purchase.

- All coupon codes are valid also with already discounted products if not stated diferently when code is published.

- You can find actual promo codes in our menu under section "Promotions".

- If you have any issues with promotional codes valitation, please let us know on

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